If you’ve got a horse, we’ve got the feed to maximize its health, performance and appearance. We also carry a full line of minerals and supplements, as well as treats for training and for fun. All of our equine feed is sold in 50-lb. bags, unless otherwise specified.

Active Pleasure


Purina Enrich Plus
Purina Equine Adult
Purina Omolene 100
Ranch-Way COB (Corn, Oats, & Barley)
Ranch-Way Ranch Mix
Purina Strategy Healthy Edge
Purina Strategy GX
Purina Strategy AX
Purina Pack Horse Cubes
Santero Horse
Purina Mini Horse & Pony
Ranch-Way All American Complete Horse Pellets
Wellsolve L/S
Wellsolve W/C
Ranch-Way Defiance Low Starch


Purina Equine Junior
Purina Ultium Growth
Purina Omolene 300
Purina Ultium Horse
Purina Omolene 200
Purina Omolene 400, 40 lb.
Purina Omolene 500


Ranch-Way Defiance Senior Hi Fat
Purina Equine Senior
Purina Equine Active Senior
MoorMans Senior Glo HR
Supplements & Minerals
Horse mineral 12/12 block, 40 lb.
Horse mineral 12/12, loose, 25 lb.
MoorMans Quad Block, 25 lb.
Equilix Horse Tub
Vitalix Horse Tub,  50 & 125 lb.
Manna Pro Max-E Glo Pellets, 40 lb.
Purina Amplify Nugget
Manna Pro Satin Finish, 40 lb.
Calf Manna, 25 & 50 lb.
Shredded beet pulp, 40 lb.
Beet pulp Shred No-Mo, 40 lb.
Cottonseed meal & hulls
Linseed & soybean meal
Dry molasses

Hay Supplements

Alfalfa, timothy & Bermuda pellets
Alfalfa/timothy combo pellets
Hay cubes
Hydration hay, 24 lb.

Horse Treats

Ranch-Way All American Horse Treats
Ranch-Way All American Horse Wafer
Manna Pro Horse Treat, 25 & 50 lb.
Purina Horse Treat Dobbin Delight, 20 lb.