Roaring Fork Valley Co-op’s fuels keep all your vehicles on the road or in the field with the highest-quality Cenex® brand fuels, whether you pull up to the pump or call for on-farm or ranch delivery. Use your Cenex Card to earn patronage for all your fuel purchases. To apply, go to


At the Pump

Our retail facility offers 24/7 pay-at-the-pump service with three grades of gasoline – unleaded, midgrade and premium. Our diesel islands, where you’ll find both clear and dyed diesel fuel, are big-truck friendly.

Bulk Fuel Delivery

We deliver Cenex® premium diesel fuel enhanced with PowerService diesel fuel supplements, which use a unique combination of additives that help prevent injector fouling and filter plugging to minimize costly downtime. We also deliver three grades of gasoline: unleaded, midgrade and premium. For bulk fuel delivery call: 970-704-4204

Tax Rates

At the pump and for bulk fuels, our excise tax rates are:

  • Gas
    • Federal: $0.184
    • State: $0.22 per gallon
  • On-road diesel
    • Federal: $0.244
    • State: $0.205 per gallon
  • Off-road diesel: non-taxable