About The Co-Op

Co-op documents from the 1950s and 1960s and a can of Co-op motor oil

Serving our community for more than 60 years

In 1950, local farmers and ranchers came together to form Roaring Fork Valley Co-op in Basalt, Colorado, to meet the needs of their operations. Memberships of $25 were issued to provide capital to build the business. As the Roaring Fork Valley grew, we relocated to Carbondale in two locations until the 1970s when we settled at our current location.

We are a diversified co-op, offering products and services not only for local ranchers, but also commercial and residential customers, hobby farmers, horse lovers, gardeners, outdoor enthusiasts and more. You don’t need to be a member to shop at Roaring Fork Valley Co-op, but a $25 lifetime membership entitles you to a 2% discount at time of purchase, and patronage dividends at the end of our fiscal year.

Board of Directors

Any voting member in good standing of Roaring Fork Valley Co-op can run for the board of directors, which is democratically elected by the member owners of the co-op. The board is responsible for setting business direction, ensuring the cooperative has adequate financial and people resources, and monitoring the cooperative’s performance.


Currently serving on the board are:

Tom Harrington, president

Ted Nieslanik, vice president

Sean Martin, secretary/treasurer

Max MacDonell, director

Martha Collison, director

Your Board of Directors (L to R): Ted Nieslanik, Martha Coulison, Tom Harrington, Sean Martin, and Max MacDonell
Your Board of Directors (L to R): Ted Nieslanik, Martha Collison, Tom Harrington, Sean Martin, and Max MacDonell

Management Team

General Manager

CFO/Assistant GM/HR

Kailie Wallace

Kailie Wallace

Store Manager

Marvin Claridge

Marvin Claridge

Business Office

Accounting Tech - Admin

Generic head

Tristen Burkholder

Accounting Tech - Energy

Heloise Clark

Heloise Clark

Accounting Tech - Payables

Cynthia Ayala

Department Heads



Baldo Barragan

Baldo Barragan



Candace Blanc

Candace Blanc

Marketing & Sporting Goods

Jeremy Dwiggins

Jeremy Dwiggins

C Store

Pet Food & Supplies


Feed & Livestock Manager

Heladio Sanchez

Heladio Sanchez

Warehouse Supervisor


Bulk Petroleum Manager


Bulk Petroleum Driver

Bulk Propane Driver

DJ Duval

DJ Duval

Bulk Propane Driver

Ty Johnston

Bulk Fuel Driver

Generic head

Spencer Ice