We’ve got the seed varieties and mixes to produce lush fields, cover crops, pastures, lawns and native landscapes.
Questions? Ask our staff for their recommendations.

Grass Mixes

Roaring Fork Lawn Blend
Low Maintenance Mix
Playground Mix
Shade Blend
Pitkin County Mix
Water Saver
Grass Seed
Perennial Rye
Annual Rye
Kentucky Blue

Small Grains

Annual & winter rye
Winter wheat
Hairy vetch

Garden Seed

Onion sets
Seed potatoes
Wide assortment of flower, vegetable & herb seed packets

Pasture Mixes

Dryland Pasture
Irrigated Pasture
Mountain Mix
Native Mountain Mix

Pasture Seed

Brome: Manchar smooth and Mountain
Wheatgrass: Nordon Crested, Pubescent and Western
Potomac orchard grass
Fescue: Tall, Sheep and Creeping red
Alfalfa: Ladak, Ranger, Bronco Buster and Stamina
Clover: Alsike, White, Dutch Mammoth Red and Medium Red

Wildflower Seed

(available in packets to 1-lb. bags)

All annuals
Bee Rescue
Butterflies & Birds
Deer Resistant
Drought Tolerant
Fragrant Mix
High Altitude
Honey Source
Hummingbird Mix
Low Grow
Low Maintenance Grass & Wildflower
Native Prairie Mix
Native West Grass & Wildflower
Parade of Poppies
Prairie Mix
Revegetation Wildflower
Rocky Mountain Native
Shade Mix
State Mix